About Us

Are you ready to experience marketing?

Our Three Pillars: Educate, Engage and Execute UBCMA is Sauder’s very own marketing club which welcomes all new students we continue to strive to be always the best club for many years to come. At the core, we have  established a new mission – UBCMA’s Three Pillars: Educate, Engage and Execute. Our event mix that features exclusive networking socials, high-stake competitions, and even a value-packed conference, garnered over 300 members last year; however, we strive to always improve and therefore, we will be revamping and introducing new events that better suits our potential partners and brings greater value to our students.

UBCMA exemplifies marketing in action. Pushing the envelope to outside what classes teach us, UBCMA provides exclusive opportunities for university students in trying their hand at utilizing their skills, knowledge, and experience with real-life applications. Companies like PepsiCo, Arc’teryx, and RYU are some partners we had the opportunities to work with in our events.