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Connect 4

Oct. 3 — Probably the greatest event in Sauder — ever. A chance for 15 lucky 4th/5th […]

Perfect Pitch

Oct. 24 —Your chance to create a unique marketing campaign. Teams of 2-4 will be given a […]

Battle of the Ads

Nov. 21 — The fate of the world’s next best TV commercial is in your hands. Create […]

Marketing Night

Jan. 16 — In this brand new event, professors from various marketing courses, as well as professionals […]


Feb. 5 — What sells out in around 15 minutes and features goodie bags with solid gold bars […]

Sales Competition

March 20 — Teams of 2-4 come up with sales strategies for a sponsoring company. The day […]
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    as a team


    Naheel Jawaid

    Co-President & Creative

    Passionate about design, interactive ideas, and following your dreams. Please contact only for dance or rap battle inquiries.

    Maggie Kong


    4th year Marketing & HR student. Passionate about financial literacy and discovering human potential. Lover of superheroes and photography (just for funsies)

    Brenton Chin


    4th-year Marketing Student at UBC. Part-Time Piano Teacher. Biker & Blader in Summer. Snowboarder in Winter. Loves TV.

    Ann Wong


    3rd year Finance Student at UBC. Hopes to do a double major in Marketing. Always eating. Extremely bad sense of directions. Loves Bruno Mars. Enjoys travelling

    Holly Zhou

    Events Director

    3rd Year Marketing student. Likes to get into productive arguments. Passionate about ballroom dance (Don’t judge. It’s cool, you should try it).

    Olivia Yu

    Events Coordinator

    2nd year student intending to specialize in Marketing. Terrible at writing bios but loves writing for UBC REC and The Cavalier.

    Lydia Choi

    Logistics Coordinator

    2nd year Sauder student, hoping to specialize in Marketing. Die hard hockey fan. Can’t wear the same earrings or I get anxiety.

    Lesley Tulipano

    Creative Team

    4th year Marketing Student. Out of school you can find me swimming laps at the pool, hanging with friends on the beach or curled up with a cup of tea and watching my favourite TV shows and/or ads.

    Liam Benstead

    Creative Team

    Passionate about anything to do with Cameras. Often referred to as artsy-fartsy, but doesn’t mind. Avid dual-plank snow slider, and classic Canadian Hockey fan.

    Margaret Gray

    Creative Team

    4th yr Marketing student; juggles UBCMA, JDC West, TA-ing, + a lot of running around outside, with remarkably few public breakdowns.

    Matt Lee

    Corporate Team

    4th yr Marketing/BTM Student. Gadget Guy. Smile-Inducer. Retired Lego Architect. Really, really likes music.

    Yuwei Wei

    Corporate Team

    2nd yr student who enjoys TV (Friends, Grey’s) and checkers (play me, I’ll win). Lover of books, puppies, and sushi (all together).

    Nick McLeod

    Corporate Team

    3rd Yr Marketing student passionate about creating relationships. A proud Canadian: loves hockey, being in the mountains and maple syrup.

    Joshua Wong

    Corporate Team


    Trixie Hernandez

    Clean-Up Crew

    First year UBCMA minion that seeks to fill the world with watercolour, cream puffs and cookie butter.

    Sam Massooleh

    First Year Creative

    Tall, lanky, excitable first year prone to spontaneous bouts of slam poetry.

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